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Black History Month Part 2

This week we’re celebrating Black Musicians in honour of Black History Month and the amazing contributions to various styles of music that hav been made.

Over the years there have been some incredibly influential songs, voices and lyrics crafted by many talented Black Artists. We’re going to briefly look at some of our favourites in this blog as well as pass some recommendations on at the end. You can find all of the following CDs pictured, in your LRC at University Centre, High Melton. We’ve included a few details for each artist


Artist: Howlin’ Wolf

Genre: Blues         

Most Famous Song: Smokestack Lightnin’


Artist: Bob Marley

Genre: Reggae

Most Famous Song: Everything’s Gonna Be Alright


Artist: Ella Fitzgerald

Genre: Jazz

Most Famous Song: It Don’t Mean a Thing If You Ain’t Got That Swing


Artist: Miles Davis

Genre: Jazz

Most Famous Song: So What


Artist: John Lee Hooker

Genre: Blues

Most Famous Song: Boom Boom


Artist: Billie Holiday

Genre: Jazz

Most Famous Song: The Very Thought of You


Artist: Marvin Gaye

Genre: Soul

Most Famous Song: Let’s Get It On


Artist: Robert Johnson

Genre: Blues

Most Famous Song: Crossroad

Artists we recommend:

Kele, the lead singer of Bloc Party released a solo album called ‘Trick’ in 2014 which we highly recommend to anyone who enjoys Bloc Party. Kele has a unique voice which boasts incredible emotional depth and echoes throughout his Electro-Soul sound.

Leon Bridges has recently earned more favour after the release of his album ‘Coming Home’ in 2015. His latest album has won the hearts of many listeners as his gospel like sound accompanied by Leon’s soulful voice makes for a very enjoyable listen.

Corinne Bailey Rae is  a household name these days and continues to release successful albums. Although you have probably heard of Corine already we thought we’d give her a mention so you can revisit some of her hits or have a gander at her new album. Corinne’s music is perfect if you’re missing the summer and want to relive that dreamy hot day feeling. Plus she’s from Leeds and we’re all for promoting Yorkshire pride! 🙂

Emeli Sande has recently released a new highly successful song which will be followed by an album later on this year. This will be her second album and yet this talented woman has achieved major success in such a short music career. If you haven’t heard her first album, ‘Our Version of Event’s’ then we recommend that you go listen right now!

Black History Month

October is Black History Month in the UK and so we’re celebrating the people who have contributed to the legacy of Black History so far as we all shape the future.

We’ve chosen to celebrate  writers, actors, directors, musicians and important public figures who are not only incredibly talented but who have also achieved amazing things and contributed immensely to Black History as well as to culture on an international scale. These influential and creative artists, revolutionaries and icons continue to inspire regardless of their era or subject.

To start our celebration of Black History Month we are looking at exceptional Black Writers.

You can find the following books in your LRC at University Centre, High Melton and we’ve chosen these particular writers because of their extraordinary talent and contribution to the field of literature, to say the least.


Maya Angelou, was an American writer, poet, actor, activist and producer. This amazing woman has influenced and inspired many people with her autobiographical writing and the part she has played in the civil-rights movement. She received many awards for her various contributions to this world and was recently honoured with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2011. Angelou died in 2014 but her legacy lives on. The musician Beyonce has sampled Maya Angelou’s work in her own music, specifically the song ***Flawless which features a feminist speech by Angelou. A great advocate and spokesperson for black people and women.

To find out more about Maya Angelou you can visit her official website here.


James Baldwin was an iconic playwright, novelist, poet and activist. His major topics in his writing covered not only the pressures he felt as a black man but also as a gay man. He highlighted these issues and faced a lot of controversy but ultimately he prevailed and gave a voice and understanding to so many people who were struggling with the same or similar issues. Baldwin is rightly recognised as a great writer and his lifetime of accomplishments is something he can be incredibly proud of. His work is powerful and poignant and relevant throughout the decades that have passed since he wrote them.

For a more detailed insight into James Baldwin’s life you can read his biography here.


Toni Morrison is a Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize winning author. Her work focusses on African-Americans and their history, culture and struggles. She was the first African-American woman to be selected for the Nobel Prize award for her contribution to literature. An amazing talent and a very hard working woman, Morrison has achieved a great deal throughout her career and continues to publish work even now she is her 80’s. Morrison has also branched out into children’s literature and so you can enjoy her work in many ways as well as introducing the younger generation to her powerful voice.

You can read more about Toni Morrison here.

Other black writers we recommend you read: Walter Mosely, Zadie Smith, Andrea Levy, Taiye Selasi, Colson Whitehead, Amiri, Baraka and Alex Haley to mention but a few.

Your LRC Newsletter

Every half-term we will be publishing a new LRC newsletter to provide you with helpful information and reminders about what’s going on in your Learning Resource Centre.

The first issue is available to view here or you can find printed copies at both Learning Resource Centres.

We hope you enjoy our very first issue! Let us know what you think either in person or through our social media accounts.newsletter_no-1


BB the LRC Book Bee

Welcome to your latest Doncaster College LRC blog!

Today we’d like to introduce you to our new LRC mascot, BB.


BB is a Book Bee who is here to help guide you to all of the important information you need throughout your studies with us.

You can find BB all around the LRC providing key tips and reminders about how to top up your printing credit, how to reset your password and how to renew the resources you have out on loan. These BB tips can be found all around both LRCs as well as on your LRC newsletter.

Always remember, wherever you find BB you’ll find knowledge!





Welcome to Your Learning Resource Centre!

At the end of a very successful induction week we’re reflecting on how busy the college has been at both campuses and we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has been in to see us.


The Learning Resource Centre has been a hive of activity and  we’ve thoroughly enjoyed introducing you all to your LRC and all of the resources and facilities we offer. We’ve been glad to see everyone so eager to log on to the college computers and to begin studying. Whether you’re logging in for the first time, need a reminder of how to print a document or want to know where to find your subjects resources, we’ll help you every step of the way. All of the LRC staff are happy to help with your queries and the support that you need to make your time at Doncaster College successful.

Pop by and see us at the Learning Resource Centre at the Hub or University Centre, High Melton and say hello. We have created a great LRC guide so that you are able to keep all of our key information with you wherever you go. You can collect one from the LRCs today!

Watch this space to keep up-to-date with LRC news and follow our other social media accounts to see what the buzz is about.


Yorkshire Day and Yorkshire Heroes

1st August is officially Yorkshire Day where we celebrate all that is wonderful about our beautiful county and the talented people who live here. We take this opportunity to honour the work of many who have helped put Yorkshire on the cultural map.

Here at the Learning Resource Centre we are home to many pieces of amazing literature, music and film which have been written by, starred in and sung/played by talented Yorkshire men and women. Yorkshire Literature

Some of the most famous of these Literary marvels are the Bronte Sisters. Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte lived in Haworth and often explored the surrounding moorlands right outside their door for inspiration and escapism. For Emily this was to be a major influence on her writing as the setting for her most famous novel ‘Wuthering Heights’ was in fact on Yorkshire moors. Her striking tale of passion, love, hatred and anger set against this welcoming yet unforgiving landscape gave Emily no end of inspiration and is still a much loved piece to this day (Just ask our Library staff!). There have been many adaptations of the Bronte’s work through TV series, songs, plays and films showing everyone around the world just what these remarkable Yorkshire women are capable of!

Ted Hughes was a poet hailing from Yorkshire who is also another huge name in the literary world. We stock plenty of his work in the LRC’s and they are available for anyone to borrow! Ted Hughes was immensely influenced by the remarkable Yorkshire landscape and wildlife which he encountered in his youth. A truly fantastic writer whose work will never go overlooked and who has made such a massive impact on modern day poets and will continue to do so for years to come.

We’re flying the Yorkshire flag at the LRC at University Centre, High Melton!

There is so much more to say about the awe-inspiring talents of Yorkshire which we haven’t even touched on here! This county is bursting with amazing musicians, actors and athletes as well as the skills of the unsung heroes we encounter everyday.

Our Yorkshire hero is none other than the fabulous Emily Bronte for her contribution to Literature and all the ways she has inspired us throughout our lives and for the generations that she will inspire in the future.

Tell us about your Yorkshire hero and what makes them special in your eyes.


Spend Your Summer With a Good Book

One of the best things about Summer is losing yourself in a good book whilst you’re out amongst nature.Whether its an old favourite or something new, there’s nothing like basking in the suns warmth, hearing the bees whizzing by and beginning your literary adventure in the comfort of the outdoors.

Here at the University Centre in High Melton it’s perfect for doing just that. The soft grass, towering trees and hillside location make it an incredibly charming place to relax. Head over to the Learning Resource Centre to find a story that suits you and pick your place under a tree that fits just right.

We’ve recently added new titles to our fiction section and picked out some of the best page-turners we think are perfect for summer.

File_000 (1)   File_000

Our new titles can be found in the LRC lobby on the display next to the sofas. We’re also celebrating the genius that is Roald Dahl so you can re-discover some of your childhood favourites and share his magical imagination with loved ones.

new books

Titles such as ‘Wonder’ by R. J. Palacio and Neil Gaiman’s ‘Fragile Things’ can be found on our new books display amongst some other fantastic reads. If you have already finished any of these books then please feel free to tell us what you thought. We’re always happy to discuss and recommend great literature!







Follow us on goodreads to find out what we’re reading this Summer


What adventure will you choose?



Summer is Here & The Academic Year is Ending

As this academic year comes to a close we’d like to wish all of the students who are graduating the best of luck for the future and thank you for being a part of Doncaster College! We’ve thoroughly enjoyed helping you all in the LRC and appreciate you coming to visit us and paying attention to all of the resources we have to offer.

To those of you coming back next year, we look forward to seeing you all again in September and congratulations on completing this year. We’ll be busy all summer making sure the LRC’s are in great condition for your return and we want to remind you that if you need us over this holiday we are open!

Pop into either LRC over the Summer vacation and we will be there to help. Information of our opening times can be found on the picture above, on our Twitter  and Facebook pages, displayed in the LRCs and on the Doncaster College website. Or you can call us and ask!

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Make memories, take pictures, read books, explore new places and never stop learning!

See you in September… 

Classic Albums at Your LRC

At the University Centre Learning Resource Centre we have an extensive range of music available to loan out to you, including some of the greatest albums ever created and some of history’s most famous artists! There’s plenty of great titles for you to get your teeth into and discover some truly inspiring music.


We stock fantastic artists like Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, Bob Marley, Robert Johnson, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone and the Beatles. Whether its Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues or Classical that you’re into we have something for everyone!

Literature plays a huge part in our lives but so does music. Music helps us to gear ourselves up for that workout,  get over our heartbreaks and it allows us to hold on to memories of people and moments we thought were buried or lost. When you really think about it, is there ever a day when you go without listening to music? (I know there sure isn’t for me!)

We want to celebrate creativity in all of its wonderful forms and encourage all of our staff and students to broaden their musical horizons! You may have heard of Jimi Hendrix but have you properly soaked in his psychedelic sound? You may recognise the album cover but can you sing a Beatles song all the way through?

Pop into the Learning Resource Centre at High Melton and discover some oldies but goodies and enjoy music to the full! We’ll happily discuss our own favourites with you and even recommend an artist or two. If you have any recommendations for us then we’re all ears as well!

We’d love for you to experience the music that has helped shape culture, history and relationships the world over. To find out more about the albums we stock you can visit our Pinterest board here:https://uk.pinterest.com/doncasterlrc/music-in-the-lrc/