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Christmas Break

It’s here! the Christmas break has arrived and although we’re excited for you all to enjoy your Christmas break we’re also eager for you to be set up with everything you need to work from home whilst the College is closed.

First things first, have you reset your password? Your password expires every 180 days for security reasons.

You can follow this link and do it on or off campus: https://selfservice.don.ac.uk/showLogin.cc

Secondly, have you renewed your books? If you’ve checked out your books recently then they’re more than likely due in on Thursday 5th January but if you do have books you need to renew and can’t get into any of the LRCs then you can go to this link and sign in:


All of our resources on our e-Library are available 24/7! You can search individual databases here:http://public.don.ac.uk/lrc/Pages/E-Library.aspx

For anything else LRC related you can go to our page here: http://public.don.ac.uk/lrc


Merry Christmas, have a fantastic new year and don’t forget to relax and enjoy yourself!

Be safe and we’ll see you in 2017 ūüôā

From all of the Information Services staff



It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to remind you that the Learning Resource Centres will be closed over the Christmas period. We will close down on Friday 19th December and re-open Monday 5th January. Don’t¬†despair… you will still be able to access all of our online resources here.


We’re hoping to have our Film Club up & running before the end of this term… Who’d like to have a Festive Film day on the last day of term? Watch this space for more details!!! Also… If you have any film suggestions… Please contact us either via our Facebook Page¬†ūüôā

Film Reel

Have you got your own copy of our Harvard Guide? They’re incredibly handy to have… We sell them at both Learning Resource Centres or, you can view online here.¬†Why not save it to your desktop or¬†memory¬†stick.

Have you checked out our selection of Journals lately? If you’re after up to date information and¬†research¬†for your assignments – head to your journals in your subject area. We have the current issue on display and the back copies in the journal display boxes. If you’re unsure of where they are – please just ask us at the¬†reception¬†desks. Journals are a fantastic source of up to date information. We have a¬†fantastic¬†range over the subject areas… So why not take a look.

Fashion Journals

Thanks for reading!